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Medium Duty! Nail Hunter « Nail Jack
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Medium Duty! Nail Hunter

Medium Duty! Nail Hunter

Pull nails, staples and brads with ease. Use the patent-pending hammer tap to reach headless nails at or below the surface. This hand tool has a pliers-like approach, allowing you to dig, grab and pull otherwise hard-to-reach fasteners. Who wants to pull hundreds of staples? This tool was designed for it.

These are the first hand tools ever designed solely for the purpose of digging, gripping and extracting fasteners such as nails, staples or brads. Whether you need to dig big nails out or carefully remove headless brads from the front or the back of your material, the 11″ Nail Jack and 8-1/2″ Hunter brand nail pullers will do the job quickly, effectively and efficiently.





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