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Heavy Duty! Paslode Eagle Claw! Only on « Nail Jack
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Heavy Duty! Paslode Eagle Claw! Only on

Heavy Duty! Paslode Eagle Claw! Only on

It is clear that sometimes you need “over the top” performance. Now more powerful than ever at getting fasteners out of wood, and designed and built for long lasting field work, the new Paslode Eagle Claw has finally arrived at You can even get the nails out of pallets. It has been shown in numerous studies that “clearing” the wood of nails, staples, brads and other fasteners costs up to forty percent of the time (and therefore the budget) of these processes. We have lots of designs still on the drawing board, but this new tool is geared for the professionals and the great news is, no batteries and no air compressors needed. We are available on the web ( with this model right now. Check the video!

This is a tool that withstands one of the ultimate tests in the field, and that it for dismantling pallets!





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